This blog is about putting technology in its place.

One part of my life is lived with the screens way up, where I’m obsessed with enjoying, making and marketing science fiction. I include consumer technology in the science fiction category, because it’s all basically magic at this pont.

The other part of my life I’m trying to live with the screen way down. I went around the world for a year studying Buddhism, yoga & French (and biking places, and getting into trouble). I was trying out living in the now with a minimum of stuff or distractions. I’m continuing that experiment in New York City, chiefly by turning off Words With Friends when I’m hanging out having actual live words with friends. More adventures to follow. You know, IRL.

If you are like me and also wrestle with the tension between wanting a more “live” life and also just really loving the space aged stranger-than-fiction technoverse that we live in, then you will like this blog.


  1. mmmm, this is your best work. i particularly like the line “you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site”. gold!

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