All Day Internet Love & The “Name That Sample” Game

Yesterday’s Girl Talk album release was just another example of why I love the internet. I love it so much. Not sure how I’m going to able to live without having it readily available on my person day in and day out, 24/7.  So after I tell you why Girl Talk made me realize how much I love the internet and why I can’t never let it go, then we are going to play the “Name That Sample” game.


So here’s what went down.  Sometimes I just watch the Tweetdeck feed and wonderful things happen even though I am sitting in this room alone staring at this screen, trying to fill out these visa applications or make aliens talk to me.  So I’m sitting in my underwear, staring at the feed, and the new Girl Talk album starts blowing up all around my social circle, popping up everywhere independently.


Many of us had been longing for a new Girl Talk album for a long time, and there had been no news.   But then suddenly, it was out; and with no prior alerts from the artist.    In the space of two hours I found out it was up from friend A, with link. Reminisced about earlier Girl Talk album with friends B & C. From friend D got a mirror link that actually worked, because the server was jammed and my download was stalled.  Full circle, Friend E posted a link and a little review; and by that time I had listened to it so could reply back with an informed one word opinion.  So that’s College 1996, Activision 2009, Jupiter 2001, B-School 2006.  These people (mostly) don’t know each other, but they are all my friends.   It was like a personal party of my own just showed up in my room, where I didn’t even have to evite anyone.  They all just showed up, with a dope-ass 300+ sample soundtrack in tow.  And I didn’t have to get out of my underwear.


Now that is how you do viral, mfs.  I’ve never seen anyone buy any “marketing vehicle”  in social media that worked as faster, as cheap or as well as this did.  Powered by good ole fashioned genuine good will and a coupla retweets. So there.  Now we’re all social media marketing experts.


By the way, the new Girl Talk album All Day will make you put your computer screens and your internets down for a minute.   You’ll have to actually listen to it.  C’mon, when was the last time you just listened to music with no multi-task going on in the foreground?  For me, the answer is 1995.  But there is so much going on in this album that you will want to lie down, you will want to close your eyes and you will want to listen.   You’ll want to really hear what this guy who calls himself Girl is saying through the Tower of Babel-like legion of borrowed voices he’s grooving on.  Is there reason in this rhythm?  Or is this just a meaningless ear tickle? You wonder and listen.  And then it begins.  The  “Name That Sample” game.


So now let’s play! What is your favorite Girl Talk transition on this album?  Throw em up in the comments, people.  Mine so far is DJ Class I’m the Shit against Crystal Waters Homeless. Then there’s Bone Thugs against Supergrass.  And Can I Get A vs. Tenderness.  Okay.  I gotta stop. I won’t say more.  I don’t want to ruin it for you.  It’s just too fun when you find them on your own. Find them on your own.  And then hit me up with the ones you like best.


Or you can cheat and go to Wikipedia right now and get all the samples already listed out. That happened just a few hours after the album came out.  I’m not gonna link to it because I don’t approve.  Do not Google it if you don’t like spoilers.


Oh shit! Music can have spoilers now.


Once again: Internet, I love you.



The whole mashup thing may have jumped the shark.  I mean Gwyneth Paltrow’s musical review number to Rhianna’s Umbrella vs. Singing in the Rain on Glee last night? Not sayin’, just sayin’: We’re living in the future.



If you want to get really schooled on this top, check out my friend Aram Sinnreich’s new book on the topic, Mashed Up.


  1. First things first–Lil John against Simon and Garfunkle is just genius. That aside, this album overall didn’t hit me the way Feed the Animals did. His technique is as awesome as ever, and the mash-ups interesting, and yet… stylistically artists need to be sharks (rather than jump them) and this doesn’t feel like he’s moving ahead so much as milking what works already. (Way to mix metaphors, but what the hell.) Even many of the artists sampled are the same–last time it was Jay-Z against old Radiohead, this time it’s ODB against older Radiohead–I feel like I’m getting to know his record collection. I want more vision, more pushing at what works, more playing with the formula rather than sticking with it. You dig?

    1. The question is – is this stealing or copying? I think you think it’s copying, but it’s pretty hard to match beats. It’s like putting together a collage with 300 different moving pieces.

      But I know I won’t convince you! In any case, not sure it needs to be art . . . I think he’s got more originality, though, than many (not all) of the artists he samples . . .

  2. Creep v. Shimmy Shimmy Ya to start – it’s a real obvious one but has too much pent up college influence for me not to blurt it out

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