SPILFs, or Space Aliens I’d Like to . . .

In response to a friends request for more aliens up in this biatch, I want to ask an open ended question to y’all out there in cyberspace:  Who is your top hottest Space Alien?  You know, a real SPILF (space alien I’d like to f***)?  I present to you, dear reader, some options for consideration:

Mal from Firefly

And doesn’t that look suspiciously like the early Red Dead key art?  Mal and his peeps as you recall, are not from our Earth, or “Earth-that-was”; they are from colonies on other planets that came after, so I’m going to go ahead and claim Captain Mal as a space alien.



And for the other team, T’Pol:








C’mon, now.  Plus she gets to hang out all the time with Scott Bakula.

Okay so, who is your #1 favorite SPILF?


  1. My number one, at least if I were a guy, is Deanna Troi from Star Trek TNG. Marina Sirtis is STILL hot, especially in person, and Troi got the stud of the galaxy with Riker. She’s enough to make a straight girl go the other way, let me tell you! As far as a guy alien…Zachary Quinto’s Spock. Hot stuff!

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