What Would Jesus Bring?

This week, I’ve been experimenting on this Cali trip with just how little stuff I can carry and still feel healthy and happy.  Right now I’ve got everything in a smallish backpack and it has been feeling good, although I would like to cut a few pounds.   Having less stuff equals more patience for long walks.

What are your thoughts?  What’s essential for nine months on the road?  What can one live without?

Some of my favorite ideas so far:

  • iPhone 4 with Evernote and fold-able Bluetooth keyboard, instead of laptop
  • The ScottEVest travel jacket, that has 18 pockets, instead of a backpack
  • The GoGirl, which lets ladies discreetly pee while standing up
  • Dr. Bonner’s crazy person soap, with which you can wash anything (plus its enviro-nice)
  • MedJet, who for a small  annual fee will med-evac you by plane to any hospital in the U.S., for any ailment big or tiny (helicopters for your papercut)
  • A bandanna, because Lord knows you always need a bandanna

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